I am an Edmonton based Photographer / Videographer that specializes in Real Estate.
The type of photography that I provide ranges from photos that best visualizes the home / listing and the space within, as well as marketing and social media content. The photos that I provide are captured with a stylistic and artistic eye to help draw attention to the property.
In addition, a variety of video possibilities, starting with basic walk-throughs to video content that focuses on a cinematic approach with motion graphic elements.

I have been behind the camera full time for four years now, however previous to my focus on Real Estate I was a Creative Director for a production company. My duties within that role required me to assemble a group of the industry best to create a team to produce great video content.
I also took on the responsibility of creating and writing concepts, then building plans to see the original idea through to fruition.

In the last several years building my name in the Real Estate market I have worked (and continue to work) with many realtors and builders providing quality and consistent product that is used for individual listings as well as marketing on all levels.

I have always had a passion and a curiosity for the creative and the visual, and find that the work I do in this area feeds both of those avenues, and look forward continuing to create content in this medium for many years to come.

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